Digital X-ray--CO2 Insufflator 30L LQF220

1. Range of Flow: 10-30L/min, Interval: 1L, Deviation ≤±2

2. Range of Pressure: 5-25mmHg, Interval: 1mmHg, Deviation ≤±2

3. Overpressure Alarm: It will alarm, when intra-abdominal pressure ≥3mmHg(preset),continuous time ≥2s.

4. Overpressure release: release time ≤5s

5. Lowpressure Supplement: supplement time ≤5s


1. Linear flow adjust technology: accurate and stable insufflation

2. Double pressure protection: safer operation

3. Power On Self Test: prevent unexpected use

4. High Flow Insufflation: Save operation time

5. High Pressure Auto alarm, Low pressure supplement, Gas source detection                                              

7. Components imported from Germany: More stable performance and longer service life.

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